Baby + Guac = 1 Amazing Weekend

 {WARNING: this post contains lots of pictures of the most amazing little baby.}

Eva Rose

I got to meet someone very special this weekend.  Her name is Eva Rose.  She is absolutely amazing.

Little Toes

My dear friend Jacque and her husband Jim had a beautiful, baby girl in June.  It’s so exciting to see them be parents – they are amazing!

mommy love

All her Aunties LOVE HER!






Future Kappa

She even got some snuggles from Uncle Tommy.

Uncle Tommy

Baby Eva2

I just can’t get enough of her.

Baby Eva

play time

Little Hands

It was an AMAZING weekend, full of quality time with some of my favorite people.


Another great thing about this weekend?  I came away with a great Guacamole recipe! Jacque and Tiff got busy in the kitchen and made up a FANTASTIC little appetizer.


We gobbled this dip up.  Light and perfect for a Friday night app.



Here’s what you’ll need:  [Continue reading…]

Loves. of. my. life.


I’m going to be reunited this weekend with some loves of my life + one beautiful new baby.

It’s crazy to think how life has changed.  It seems like yesterday we were watching our favorite episode of FRIENDS while drifting to sleep at the KKG house.  Next year we’ll turn the big 3-0.  We’ve got wonderful husbands, great careers and are starting to create families of our own.

Life continues to change and it’s hard to reconnect on a regular basis.  I’m just so thankful we can still find the time to celebrate the large milestones in each other’s life.

That, and reruns of the best show ever made.

Taco Lettuce Wraps

Taco Lettuce Wrap

I’ve got a super, duper, easy recipe to share with you today. Only a couple of easy ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a light little meal.  Low carb and extra tasty.  Meat and veggies = healthy right? I know you’ll enjoy! Here’s what you’ll need:

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#mycaliforniaroadtrip: Monterey to San Francisco

Pebble Beach

Day 4 – Day 5 Monterey is such a great city.  It was in Monterey that Commodore John Drake Sloat of the U.S. Navy raised an American flag in 1846 claiming California for the United States.  It also served as the original capital of California when the state constitution was signed here in 1849. We […]

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Top 5


I can’t believe it’s already Friday.  Where did the week go?  We’ve got a fun rafting trip planned for this weekend with friends.  It should be a blast.  I can’t wait to relax and get some vitamin D. Cheers! Have a good one. Here’s this week’s Top 5. 1. Puppies anyone?  seriously.  please? (Image Source)  2. […]

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Marinated Flank Steak

Marinated Flank Steak

“This is the best meal I’ve had all year” – my husband That’s really what he said. It’s also the moment I learned the only thing you need to make a man happy is a well seasoned & cooked steak. I went to Pinterest and found a great marinade recipe here.  I tweaked it a little […]

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Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies

It’s time for Tim and I to finally meet our neighbors.  What better way then to introduce ourselves with baked goods.  I found this amazing Monster Cookie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and made a fresh batch. These cookies are peanut buttery, with lots of chocolate and softer than your average monster cookie. YUMMM! Enjoy! Here’s what […]

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Top 5 – Wine Themed

Belle Bash

Happy Friday! Have a great one.  Do something fun.  Drink some wine! Here’s this week’s Top 5. 1. Belle Bash.  My dear friends Emily and Melody just started their own business called Belle Bash.  Their product is called Wine Belles Uncorked and it’s all about discovering what kinds of wine you enjoy drinking while forming lasting […]

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Web Gems

Web Gems 7.24.14

1. What being a BFF means in Your 30’s. 2. Dear spoiled children of America… or something like that.  LOVE this letter from a dad to his children. 3. 4 lessons every mom should tell their daughter. 4. Just another reason why I love Mindy Kaling.  She’s awesome and I love how she addressed body […]

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#mycaliforniaroadtrip: Santa Barbara to Monterey

Big Sur

Day 4 Day 4 was a big driving day.  You can see our starting and ending point on the map.  A lot of great things were found along the way! We started day 4 in the best possible way – driving through Santa Barbara Wine County! Breathtaking views overlook valleys and mountains studded with ancient […]

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