A Special Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Mallory.

Isn’t she lovely?  My best pal Mal is one of the most amazing people I know.  She’s kind, thoughtful, creative, loving and beautiful inside and out.

We make sure to spend every birthday together so I’ll be heading there this weekend to celebrate the big 2-7.

Mal, I hope you have the most amazing day, filled with laughter, special moments and a couple of fun cocktails.

Big Hugs,



I’m looking for something special to bake for Mal’s Birthday.  Last year I made these and they were fun and delicious. Here are some things I was thinking for this year.  What do you think?  

A. Cake Batter Pancakes from How Sweet It Is

{Photo Credit: How Sweet It Is}

B. Oreo Cupcake from Kraft Foods

{Photo Credit: Kraft Foods}

C. Biscoff Cupcakes with Biscoff Buttercream from Picky Palate

{Photo Credit: Picky Palate}

D. Chocolate Chip Lava Cupcakes from Kevin and Amanda

{Photo Credit: Kevin and Amanda}

E. Triple Layer Chocolate Birthday Cake from  Eat Live Run

{Photo Credit: Eat Live Run}

What’s your vote for Mal’s Birthday treat?

What’s your favorite birthday dessert?


  1. I think those oreo cupcakes look awesome. Happy Birthday, Mal!

  2. That was such a cute post! I think the Chocolate Chip lava Cupcakes look ah-mazing.


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