Top 5

What a great week! I can’t believe it’s already the weekend.  We’ve got a special couple getting married this weekend and we can’t wait to celebrate!  Cheers to a fun weekend ahead with friends, laughter and hopefully, a lot of dancing (fingers crossed).

Here’s this week’s Top 5.

1. Celebrating Moms.  Last weekend I went home and had a blast with some of my favorite mom’s and their beautiful daughters.  I’ve been so blessed with having a bunch of different mother figures in my life – and these three are pretty special.  It was so nice spending quality time catching up, telling stories and pampering ourselves with a little R&R.


Moms Weekend 2

My favorite part of the weekend was a dueling piano’s concert at Cedar Ridge Winery – so much fun!

mom and me

Cedar Ridge Winery


2. Decorate with wood.  I love the look of this industrial wood table.  Found on Etsy.   

Wooden Industrial Table

(Image Source) 

3. A Doughnut Party. Officially on my bucket list.

A Doughnut Party

(Image Source) 

4. Umm HELLO! How cool is this??! Again, shop on Etsy.

Typewritter I-Pad

(Image Source) 

5. Comparison is the thief of joy.  Such a good lesson for all facets of life.  I know it’s hard, but try and stop comparing yourself to others.  Do what you do, and don’t worry about anyone else.

Live Quote

(Image Source) 


  1. Thank you again for all the fun last weekend. It always fills my soul to spend time with you!!

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